• Y-Wing Pack II


  • A Halloween Theme was added to the Temple.
    • Halloween Decorations were added around the Jedi Temple.
    • The outside appeared as nighttime.
    • All Halloween Outfits, Housing decorations, and Droids became available for purchase again.
    • The Special Halloween-themed level of Rocket Rescue, Fright Flight, was re-added.
    • Every few minutes, all players in the Lounge, Hangar, and Shops appeared as either the Mortis Son Force Form, a Brain Worm Clone Trooper, or a Rancor.
    • Halloween-themed NPCs were added.
  • Commander Wolffe and Captain Rex's armor was changed to Phase II.
  • The Second Season Pass monthly item was granted to all Lifetime and Season Pass members.
  • The bottom toolbar was redesigned.
  • The World Chat bar was moved.
  • The Dual-handed pistol hold was changed.

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