Mounts Edit

  • Fambaa Mount

Release Notes Edit

  • Regular weekly items:
    • Week 1 - All new Fambaa Mount
    • Week 2 - Maroon Narglatch Mount
  • The Forked Lightsaber can now be properly customized.
  • Fourth of July items will no longer haunt the Marketplace.
  • Summer Pass, Sith Crate and Card Assault messages will no longer spam Communicators.
  • Getting hit with either the Millicreep pet knockdown or the Droid prod arm attachment should now grant a persistent 5 minute immunity to being hit by either one again.
  • Minigames now have the potential to drop the Exile Battle Class crate! Visit your Crates & Codes inventory section to view and open these new crates!

External links Edit

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