ARC Trooper Commander

The ARC Trooper Commander gear can be obtained by purchasing and completing The Techno Union Card Commander campaign for SC icon500. In addition to those requirements you must have already completed The Supreme Commander and The Dark Lord campaigns.

This gear set resembles standard ARC Trooper armor with yellow markings throughout. The ARC Trooper Commander gear is based on ARC Trooper Blitz in the Clone Wars Television Series. The differences are the facts that Blitz bore just one yellow stripe on his helmet and he had a diamond pattern on his kama. ARC Trooper Commanders can also be seen around the Umbara and Ryloth combat zones, protecting the Republic Outposts and the Airfield Mission's starting area by destroying any droids or Umbarans that are near.

The ARC Troopers in Galactic Forces have the same armor design as the ARC Trooper Commander outfit set.

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