An AT-TE Cannoneer

The AT-TE Cannoneer is a variant of the AT-TE that specializes in heavy weaponry. They are embellished with blue markings, instead of the standard red, for identification and make an appearance on Iceberg Three and Galactic Forces.

Galactic ForcesEdit

The AT-TE Cannoneer is a rank 3 Republic heavy armor unit in Galactic Forces. Unlike the AT-TE Repeater the Cannonier cannot target more than one unit at a time, which gives it a hard time facing off large groups of opponents.

The AT-TE Cannoneer is notable for its high amount of health and its ability to deal massive damage to single enemies at a time, giving it the advantage over many head on fights. Due to its durability and high attack power, It is also great for making advances on the enemy's HQ. Compared the MTT the Cannoneer can deal much more damage, however this does not always give it the advantage over the MTTs high firing rate.

In a singleplayer match, the computer opponent will never create Cannoneer depots, using only Repeaters instead.

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