An AT-TE Repeater

The AT-TE Repeater is Republic a heavy weapon vehicle found in Galactic Forces. It will only spawn from rank three heavy weapon depots and is one of the slowest units in the game. The vehicle is similar in appearance to other AT-TE variants, however it has dark green markings for identification. They can be particularly dangerous when in large swarms.

The AT-TE Repeater is the Republic's only heavy weapon vehicle that can damage up to four enemies per shot. Although the repeater has seemingly low stats, it has a considerable amount of health and provides a good defence against swarms of enemy light armor. Although the repeater has many strengths, its main downside is its slow speed, which makes it difficult for it to stay close to other units in large, strong groups. Also, compared to its Separatist equivalent, the Super Tank, the AT-TE Repeater deals much less damage with only a slightly faster firing rate.

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