A player equipped with the Ancient Bravis Sith outfit set.

The Ancient Bravis Sith is a Separatist gear outfit set that could be obtained only during SOE's Super Fan Holidays event that took place during late November, 2010. As a part of the Super Fan Holidays, this outfit set was granted on December 4th 2010 to all Lifetime Jedi Members, however only the lightsber was given to all other levels of Membership and Galactic Passport members.

The Ancient Bravis Sith outfit set was based on the Sith who lived on the system of Bravis during the days of the Old Republic. This outfit set consists of solid black clothing and a black hooded cape with a red underside. The lightsaber includes a red crystal and a sparkling crystal, which causes any lightsaber to have a sparkling affect (Possibly to follow the Life Day Theme).

The same lightsaber effect and a recolor of the outfit is available through felucia mission tokens in the felucia combat zone. 

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