The Ancient Cobal Jedi Promotional Image. The pink crystal is not actually available.

A Jedi can act as a capable diplomat and these robes are great for looking the part.
—Store description, Clone Wars Adventures

The Ancient Cobal Jedi is an outfit set that was added on 15 July 2011. It was based on the Jedi who dwelled on the Cobal system during the days of the Old Republic and was the first outfit set to introduce a turqoise lightsaber crystal and a new shape crystal. The Cobal Jedi's outfit appears as casual clothing that is patterned brown and turqoise and features a somewhat similarly designed lightsaber hilt.

Outfit Edit

Ancient Cobal Gloves
SC icon 50
Ancient Cobal Boots
SC icon 50
Ancient Cobal Lightsaber
SC icon 200
Ancient Cobal Robes
SC icon 250

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