The Jedi of the planet Ermi often made their Lightsabers with multifaceted gems, which caused stray energy tendrils to spiral off their blades.

The Ancient Ermi Jedi is a Jedi outfit set that was released with the launch of the game, based on the Jedi, of the Old Republic, of the planet Ermi. This outfit appears mostly a light brown and areas of green on the gloves and robes. The Ermi Jedi's lightsaber appears green with a special crystal which caused a spiraling effect on the blade.

Outfit setEdit

This outfit requires a Jedi Membership to purchase.

Ermi Jedi Boots
RC icon200
Ermi Jedi Gloves
RC icon250
Ermi Jedi Hood
RC icon600
Ermi Jedi Lightsaber
RC icon4000
Ermi Jedi Robes
RC icon1000

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