Cwa ancientmestarejedi main

The Ancient Mestare Jedi honed their lightsaber blade points to hit weak points between cortosis-weave armor plates!

The Ancient Mestare Jedi is an outfit set that was released on August 5, 2011. It is based on Jedi, during the Old Republic Era, who seemingly dwelled on the system of Mestare. The Ancient Mestare Jedi's outfit appears fully brown in color with a few pieces of silver armor plating. The Mestare Jedi's lightsaber appears similarly patterned and comes with a silver lightsaber crystal and a mestare crystal effect that causes lightsabers to produce a curved edge. This outfit is similar to that of Rahm Kota from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Outfit setEdit

This outfit set requires Station Cash to purchase

Mestare Jedi Boots
SC icon 50
Mestare Jedi Gloves
SC icon 50
Mestare Jedi Lightsaber
SC icon 250
Mestare Jedi Robes
SC icon 300

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