Ancient Sith Academy

You should not have come here!
—Dark Acoytle Warrior

The Ancient Sith Academy is a mission on the Umbaran combat zone. The mission was part of the 15 March 2012 update, and is the first mission that has more than one boss. There are severel bosses, from four training droids, the Sith Lord Varad Zagg, Savage Opress, and Darth Maul. It is located on the south east corner of the map with ten Dark Acolytes outside.

Guide Edit


Sith in the Academy

Clicking on the door will say that there is a holocron shaped socket in it, and ask if you want to insert the Sinister Holocron, if the the player answers yes, choose from single or multiplayer. Unlike the guardians outside the academy, the warriors inside the temple do not grant Sinister Holocron pieces.

As players progress through the academy, they face multiple Dark Acoytles, such as Warriors, Elite Warriors, Healers, and Elite Healers. As they defeat Sith, they find a medium, circular room with a Magna Guard-like droid. This is Training Droid J77, with Training Droids A79, S81, and T87 following. Once entering the room, J77 will acticate his electro-staff and state the verification of your Sith Holocron. Large pedestals with what seems to be "zappers" on top will appear on the wall, if you get to close to them, they shock you, dealing a high amount of damage, you must penetrate the field, and destroy the fields. After a certain amount of time, a new training droid will appear in one of the several doorways. After repeating the process, except the zappers, a doorway will open and the players progress through the academy.

In a medium, square room will be Varad Zagg, who uses the Dark Side to create illusions of Jedi that attack you, after defeating all of them, the player fights Zagg by himself. Then, after he is defeated, a piece of the wall will open, allowing the player to then progress through a large, square room, then go through a hall of what seems to be Sith graduates that attack players. Shortly after, players enter a half destroyed room with many lava pools, and Darth Maul in the center. But once Maul has less than half of his health remaining, he will regenerate his health while the player fights his brother, Savage Opress. And once Maul has regenerated to full health, he will return to battle, and the player must defeat both of them.

Savage Opress

As a reward for completing the Academy, players are granted a piece of the Darth Maul's lightsaber collection, and the title "the Unyielding". If you complete the Academy six times, you are granted Darth Maul's lightsaber. If you complete all of the challenges, you will be granted a piece of the Hero of Umbara set or you will get a Hero of Umbara title and a trophy for your house.

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