The Aqua Droid is an aquatic battle droid used by the Separtist Alliance to assault underwater and targets near large bodies of water. Aqua Droids are similar to B2 Super Battle Droids, in having large amounts of armor, and a wrist mounted laser cannon.

An Aqua Droid in Republic Defender

Mini gamesEdit

The Aqua Droid can be found in the three Kamino Republic Defender stages. The Aqua Droid carries more armor than the B2 Super Battle Droid. When it reaches the end of the stage without being destroyed, it takes 2 lives. The Aqua Droid moves at a constant, fairly quick speed. It is as fast as traditional B1 Battle Droids.

In Aquatic Assault, the Aqua Droid is a primary beginer enemy. This enemy is very simple to destroy, only requiring a few hits. The Aqua Droid is primarily found at the beginning of levels, but can be found throughout. The Aqua Droid fires it's blaster at players, taking small amounts of health. If collided with, the Aqua Droid only does minimal damage.

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