The B1 Assault Battle Droid is a Separatist droid that appears in Republic Defender, Battle Of Umbara and Galactic Forces. These droids can be identified by the red markings on their bodies.

Republic DefenderEdit

The Assault Droid is an upgraded version of the standard B1 Battle Droid, having a slightly greater amount of health. They can be effectively eliminated in the same way as standard Battle Droids, which is by using turrets that can hit several enemies at once. Very similar the standard Battle Droid, Assault Droids tend to group in masses.

Galactic ForcesEdit

In Galactic Forces,  B1 Battle Droids will spawn from rank 1 Separatist Barracks. These Droids deal

A small group of Assault Droids on Orto Plutonia

much less damage but have a higher firing rate than the standard Clone Troopers, however this still gives them the disadvantage in a one on one fight.

Battle Of UmbaraEdit

In the Battle of Umbara, Assault Battle Droids are deployed from the Separatist landing craft at the CIS Landing Zones.