Aurra Sing was a bounty hunter that worked during the Clone Wars. Players can buy her outfits at the Store.
Aurra male

A male wearing Aurra Sing's outfit

Outfit Edit

Aurra Sing 64
Fallen Jedi turned bounty hunter, Aurra Sing's clothing is the perfect outfit for any profit driven warrior-for-hire - especially one carrrying a grudge against the Jedi.
—Store Desription

This outfit can be bought at the Store for Republic Credits.

Aurra Sing's Antenna
RC icon 600
Aurra Sing's Body Suit
RC icon 400
Aurra Sing's Boots
RC icon 200
Aurra Sing's Hunting Rifle
RC icon 2000
Aurra Sing's Wrist Wraps
RC icon 100

Assassin Aurra SingEdit

Assassin Aurra Sing 64
An outfit worn by the vicious bounty hunter Aurra Sing for strategic sniping of her unlucky targets.
—Store Description

Aurra was first seen in this outfit in the episode Assassin. It can be bought for Station Cash.

Assassin Aurra Sing's Boots
SC icon 50
Assassin Aurra Sing's Left Blaster
SC icon 150
Assassin Aurra Sing's Mask
SC icon 100
Assassin Aurra Sing's Right Blaster
SC icon 150
Assassin Aurra Sing's Suit
SC icon 150

External links Edit

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