C-3PO in the War Room

C-3PO is a protocol droid that was built by a young Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine, and is a well known protocol droid that players can have as a pet. He is the best friend and occasional foil of R2-D2, which often gets him into trouble. He is colored completely gold and was released as a McDonalds Happy Meal special on the 8th July 2011. He makes appearances in promotional images, website error messages, protocol droid attachment previews, and as an obtainable droid. As a companion C-3PO gives a Force Up buff to the player in combat zones.


C-3PO can only be obtained by entering the promotional code: SecretMission. The code could be obtained with the purchase of a Happy Meal from McDonalds. The code for C-3PO was scheduled to become invalid on the 29th July 2011 but as of yet has not.

Clone Wars Adventures InformationEdit

Now at McDonald’s® with the purchase of a Happy Meal®, you can use the Force to get a special code for the Star Wars®: Clone Wars Adventures™ C-3PO™ in-game pet, Just check out the Star Wars®: The Clone Wars™ section on your Happy Meal® box. Redeem the code at by July 29, 2011.

C-3PO™ virtual Droid™ is only available with the purchase of a McDonald’s® Happy Meal®. You can find the code on your Happy Meal® box! Limited time only! Redeem the code by July 29, 2011. Don’t miss your chance to add this rare Droid™ to your Clone Wars Adventures™ pet collection! Redeem the code at by July 29, 2011.

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