Captive Village

Village Enterance

"Good to see some backup! We received intel that Death Watch have taken this entire area catpive. They have demanded that we leave Carlac immediately, or they will burn this place to the ground. If we go in there guns blazing they will be sure to do some heavy damage before we can stop them. But if you can infiltrate and take them out before you are detected, those Mandolorians will never know what hit them! Head in as soon as possible to stop Death Watch from burning down this village!"-Clone Snowtrooper

Captive Village is a combat minigame in which up to 4 players attempt to defeat the Death Watch and save a village. It is located near the southeast corner in the Skirmish on Carlac combat zone. The final boss fight is against Pre Vizsla, and completion will reward the player with the title 'the Liberator.'

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