Card Assault is the second card game to be released to the Clone Wars Adventures universe. It follows the same gameplay as the Free Realms TCG. Booster Packs are SC icon 249 which is less than Card Commander Booster Packs which were SC icon 299 All of the cards are brand new, including new loot items. Jedi Members receive one Series 1 Booster Pack each month. Series 2 was part of the November 30 update.


Carlac Death Watch EliteEdit

When the Death Watch visited Carlac, they left behind this gear.
—Card description
  • Carlac Death Watch Elite Helmet
  • Carlac Death Watch Elite Armor
  • Carlac Death Watch Elite Gloves
  • Carlac Death Watch Elite Boots

Sith InquisitorEdit

Arm yourself with this gear like the Sith Inquisitors wear.
—Card description
  • Sith Inquisitor Helm
  • Sith Inquisitor Armor
  • Sith Inquisitor Gauntlets
  • Sith Inquisitor Boots
  • Sith Inquisitor Lightsaber

Spark Stealth TrooperEdit

Dress like CT-1284 with this stealth operations Clone Trooper Armor.
—Card description
  • Spark Stealth Trooper Helmet
  • Spark Stealth Trooper Armor
  • Spark Stealth Trooper Gloves
  • Spark Stealth Trooper Boots

Convor FountainEdit

From the forests of Wasskah comes this pretty bird fountain.
—Card description

Momong FountainEdit

A lovely fountain featuring the monkey from the Trandoshan moon Wasskah.
—Card description

Orphne FountainEdit

Enjoy the exotic image of Orphne in this beautiful fountain.
—Card description

AT-AT FountainEdit

An Imperial walker makes an awesome fountain for you home.
—Card description


Take this Droid to the battlefield and you'll heal during combat.
—Card description


This stylish crimson house droid performs many domestic duties.
—Card description

Boost PointsEdit

If you're going to be successful, from time to time you'll need a boost. Here's 50 boost points!
—Card description

Access Codes StockpileEdit

You're going to need these access codes to open Sealed Cargo Crates. Here are 5 access codes!
—Card description

Pile of CreditsEdit

It's always good to have credits on hand in case you need them. Here are 1500 credits!
—Card description

Series 2Edit


Along with more than 100 new cards in boosters, campaign rewards, and tournament prizes, you’ll find lots of new gameplay mechanics in SERIES TWO. Overwhelm is a strategy that rewards you for winning a battle by four or more. Crush those enemies! Some cards have the Trickster ability, which requires their foes to switch their attack and defense stats. You’ll find tactics that give you bonuses for adjacent allies, and ways to move scored cards.
—Card description


Orange Death Watch CommanderEdit

Tatooine LotEdit

Battle Damaged Clone TrooperEdit


Large Oil Spill DecalEdit

Small Oil Spill DecalEdit

Suppresed Blaster Fire DecalEdit

Lightsaber Mark DecalEdit

Lightsaber MarksEdit

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