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Card Commander Booster packs are purchaseable packs of cards for the game Card Commander. Booster Packs come with seven cards and one bonus item and can be bought from the in-game store for SC icon300 each(With the exception of the Hereos and Villains Sereis). So far there are two Series of the Card Commander Booster pack, each having their exclusive sets of bonus items and cards. Due to the current popularity status of Card Commander, It is unknown wether more series will be released or not.

Card Commander Booster PackEdit

Enhance your Card Commander deck with powerful cards found in booster packs. Each pack contains seven cards and one virtual reward - Promotional description

Series 1 was the first Series of Booster Packs to be released. Below is a List of bounus items that can be obtained from Series 1 Card Commander Booster Packs.

  • Blue Pyramid Holocron
  • Green Pyramid Holocron
  • Red Cube Holocron
  • Blue Cube Holocron
  • Green Cube Holocron

Card Commander Booster Pack IIEdit

New cards, new series, and new Clone Wars action in the Series 2 booster card packs - Promotional Description

Below is a list of bonus items that can be obtined from Series 2 Card Commander Booster Packs. Series 2 cards and bonus items differ from those that can be found in Sereis 2 Booster Packs.

  • 1000 Republic Credits
  • Red Pyramid Holocron
  • Blue Pyramid Holocron
  • Green Pyramid Holocron
  • Red Cube Holocron
  • Blue Cube Holocron
  • Green Cube Holocron

Card Commander: Heroes and Villains Series 1Edit

Add the Chewbacca, Savage Opress, and Fives cards to your collection with this special pack! Also, the pack includes B3-3P5, an astromech droid pet. - Promotional description

Hereos and Villains Sereis 1 is a special type of Card Commander Booster Pack that costs SC icon 500. The booster pack comes with Chewbacca, Fives, Savage Oppress, and the B3-3P5 Astromech Droid.

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