Sealed cargo crate

Sealed Cargo Crates are items that can be obtained by playing mini-games. One crate is awarded per game, and they can only be opened by purchasing Access Codes for SC icon 200 each. Crates can contain various items including Station Cash furniture, outfit sets, Companions, Holoprojectors, Housing or vehicles. The crate also contains exclusive items that cannot be bought from the shop such as Barnibus, Camouflaged Death Watch Armor, Senator Ballroom Wear, Mustafar BARC Speeder, Sith Marauder, and Adept Jedi.

Sith Cargo Crates Edit

Sith Crates were added on 17 August 2012. Playing a game will either reward you with a Sealed Cargo Crate or Sith Cargo Crate. Sith Cargo Crates only grant players brand new Sith gear and no random items from the store. The items granted include the Bloodfin, Dathomir Sith Temple Lot, Sith Construction Set, Sith Furniture Set, Darkside Trooper gear and Sith Spy gear.( The gear is given one peice at a time)

Exile Cargo Crates Edit

Exile Cargo Crates were added on the 27 August 2013 update. Players can acquire an Exile Cargo Crate through playing Mini-games. Once an Exile Cargo Crate is opened with an Access Code, the player will automatically receive the Exile Battle class along with an item from the crate. The Battle class is only received upon the first open, afterwards the player will only receive the items. The items granted include the Med Pack Kit's, Dantooine Lot, Scoundrel gear, Smuggler gear, Sulon Jedi gear, Exile Furniture Set, Tardar, Black Starhawk Speeder Mount, Green Zephyr-G speeder, AT-RT Mount, Tan 74-Z Speeder, and Flaming Zephyr-G speeder. 

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