Clone Snowtrooper 64
The Clone Snowtrooper is a Clone Trooper specialized for combat in arctic environments, the outfit for which was made available for purchase with the first Life Day update, for Republic Credits. It is similar to the Flamethrower outfit but white.


Clones throughout the galaxy can confront the Separatist threat on snowy worlds in this suit of armor knowing they'll be warm and well protected.

This outfit required a Jedi Membership to purchase, and after the Febuary 24th, 2012 update is was longer avalible.

  • Clone Snowtrooper Armor - RC icon1000
  • Clone Snowtrooper Boots - RC icon200
  • Clone Snowtrooper Gloves - RC icon200
  • Clone Snowtrooper Helmet - RC icon1000
  • Clone Trooper Blaster Rifle - RC icon600