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Clone Wars Adventures' First Anniversary took place on September 16, 2011, alongside the premiere of Season 4 of the Clone Wars television series. During the celebration, players had the opportunity to receive bonus items and participate in emissary events.

Bonus itemsEdit

By logging in on September 16, 2011, players received the chrome blaster pistols, Vigilance and Negotiator as a gift.

By logging in at any time between September 12–15, players received a free RC icon5000.

Website scheduleEdit

9/12 - 9/15 If you login between these dates, you will be granted 5,000 credits. You will only be granted the credits once per account.
9/16 Get ready to receive Captain Rex's™ chrome plated blaster, the Vigilance™. This item will be granted to you just for logging in!
9/16 You have one pistol, why not the other? Top-up your Station Cash™ today and you will get the Negotiator™. This is Captain Rex's™ second chrome plated blaster!

If that isn't enough for you, we have a whole bunch of fun events planned over the course of the week. Make sure you get to participate in these fantastic events!

Trivia Answer some trivia questions, get a chance to win rewards!
Hide and Seek If you can hide... you can seek!
Re-Enactment Events Sign up to present an in-game skit based on the Clone Wars™ television series!
Speederbike™ Racing Get ready to crank up your engines for some Speeder Bike™ racing!
Lightsaber™ Duels Test your awesome Lightsaber™ skills against other players.
Dance Parties Need to take a breather from all this exciting stuff? Not yet! We got some dance parties planned that would even wear a Droid™ out!
Anniversary adjusted

The original advertisement. Notice the section on Negotiator

  • Originally, the player was required to add Station Cash to their accounts to receive Negotiator, however this idea was cancelled and it was given freely along with Vigilance.

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