The Comm Tower is an HQ addon in Galactic Forces. It allows the player to call in airstrikes and is one of the most expensive addons to build, costing 145 energy.


The Comm Tower at rank 1 gives a player the ability to call in a group of starfighters, LAAT Gunships for the Grand Army of the Republic and Vulture Droids for the Separatist Droid Army, that fly across the stage and drop bombs that deal heavy damage. Players have the ability to specifically target three enemies or groups of enemies, however the airstrike will also hit other units at random. Airstrikes are best for taking out large amounts of strong heavy armor or troublesome enemy Jedi or Sith characters, but is great at taking out hordes of weaker units as well, making it a good defense against an enemy who tends to swarm with infantry or light armor.

At rank 2 the Comm Tower allows players to call in an airstrike that allows you to target four enemies and deals much more damage when compared to the rank 1 Comm Tower. The rank 2 airstrike works in an identical fashion to its rank 1 predecessor.

At rank 3 the Comm Tower gives players the Orbital Strike special ability. See Orbital Strike.

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