Commando Droid

A Commando Droid is a Battle droid used by the Separatists for tactical take overs and small missions. Armed with droid blasters and vibro swords, they are extremely well armed, though these droids are limited in numbers due to expensive costs of manufacturing. These droids can be found in Battle of Umbara, Republic Defender, Galactic Forces, and Republic Gunship. A holoprojector was released that resembles one, and a re-programmed Commando Droid guest furniture piece is also available to be purchased.

Republic DefenderEdit

In Republic defender, the Commando Droid has the same amount of armor as a regular battle droid, but is much faster. They usually appear in large numbers, so Mortar Cannons and Thermal Detonator Turrets work well against them.

Galactic ForcesEdit

The Galactic Forces Commando Droid is the level three Battle Droid for the Separatists. They require 95 energy to be built. It is outclassed by the Droideka.

Battle of UmbaraEdit

In the Battle of Umbara the Commando Droid can be seen near the Umbaran Airfield as a moderate combat opponent in battle. They can also be found in single numbers directly behind the Umbaran Air Base in the hills. They can also be found in the Umbaran Bunkers or landing crafts.


Commandoes can be found all over Ryloth. They are often localized in two locations, and are clustered together. They take a moderate amount of damage to destroy.
Squad of commandoes

Commandos on Ryloth