Coruscant Token
Coruscant Mission Tokens
can be earned in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant by playing certain mini-games. You can get tokens by completing quests given by R2-D2 in the Hangar, Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Training Room and the Mission Terminal in the Workshop. They can be exchanged in the Training Room for gear, consumables or vehicle furniture.


Shotem MasterEdit

Lightsaber - 64 Tokens

Shotem Master Gear.

Boots - 24 Tokens

Robes - 64 Tokens

Gloves - 24 Tokens

Visor - 48 Tokens

Subtram HunterEdit

Subtram Hunter Gear

Blasters (both left and right) - 40 Tokens

Boots - 8 Tokens

Suit - 40 Tokens

Gauntlets - 8 Tokens

Helmet - 24 Tokens


Republic VehiclesEdit

Red Delta-7 - 16 Tokens

TX-130 - 64 Tokens

ARC-170 - 36 Tokens

Separatist VehiclesEdit

Punworcca 116 - 20 Tokens

MTT - 32 Tokens

Tan AAT - 40 Tokens

Galaxy Map - 80 TokensEdit

Consumables (comes in packs of three)Edit

SM Medpack - 8 Tokens

SM Force Focus - 8 Tokens

SM Field Kit - 12 Tokens

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