The Deactivator is a type of turret in Republic Defender. It is unlocked after completing the outer rim level More Trouble in Deep Space and costs 250 energy to build. The Deactivator is well known for gaining more attack power the longer it remains inactive. A charged up Deactivator is very powerful and has the ability to deal a great amount of damage to stronger droids, making it useful to put near the end of the path. Even when not charged, the Deactivator still has high attack power and a sufficient firing rate, making it a great turret to place in the front lines as well. The Deactivator does

A rank 4 Deactivator in the Droid Destruction Room

have the ability to damage several droids per shot, however major damage is only dealt to one droid, making this turret not a suitable substitute for the Mortar Cannon or Thermal Grenade Turret. The Deactivator is also very costly compared to most turrets and is hard to upgrade.

Upgraded to ranks 3 and 5, the Deactivator gains a large amount of attack power, making it one of the best turrets to use against droids with large amounts of health.

A rank 4 Deactivator can be found in the Droid Destruction Room and used as a weapon. Furniture pieces for Deactivators are also available for Republic Credits.


  • Rank 2 - 375
  • Rank 3 - 550
  • Rank 4 - 900
  • Rank 5 - 1650

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