• Camp Kote
  • Camp Beskar
  • Camp Ara'nov

Camp Kote is the closest camp to the Republic outpost on Carlac. Camp Kote is a relatively easy base, with fewer Death Watch troops than other camps. Once players reach the final zone, they will have to face Lieutenent Vherr.

Camp Beskar is a little more challenging than Kote, and is close to the Captive Village. Inside, players will find Lieutenent Ralnar, who is difficult to defeat. Players must fight him several times in order to defeat him.

Camp Ara'nov, the most challenging of the camps, is hard to access because it is surrounded by Death Watch. Inside, the soldiers are hard to fight since they have boosted health, making this camp extremely hard. In the final zone, players will find the last Death Watch leader, Lieutenent Melkket.

Once players complete all the camps, they recevive a random Carlac furniture piece.

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