Count Dooku is a human male who was once a Jedi Master, and is now a Sith Lord as well as the public leader of the Separatists during the Clone Wars. His Sith name is Darth Tyranus. He
appears in several mini-games including Card Commander, Galactic Forces, and Dark Side Duel.

Galactic ForcesEdit

In Galactic Forces, Dooku is the Rank 3 Separatist Command post. He uses his Lightsaber and the Force to attack heavy artillery units.


Count DookuEdit

In these robes, Count Dooku proves that leaders can both malevolent and great by leading vast forces against the Republic.
Store Description

On the 15 May 2011, SOE granted all players Count Dooku's boots and robes as an apology for the long server downtime.

Count Dooku's Boots
SC icon 50
Count Dooku's Robes
SC icon 150
Count Dooku's Lightsaber
SC icon 200

Original Count DookuEdit

These are the dark robes worn by the fallen Jedi Master, Count Dooku, who is now a ruthless Lord of the Sith and mastermind of the Separatist movement against the Republic.

This gear is only available only through a promotion at Toys R Us. This outfit can only be obtained by purchasing the Star Wars R2D2 USB Flash Drive from participating Toys R Us stores. The flash contains many special extras, including the code to obtain Count Dooku's Original outfit. The Original Count Dooku outfit is almost identical to the standard outfit. The only difference is the color shade which cannot be seen in episodes underneath the cloak. The code for this outfit is TRUDOOKU.

Count Dooku's Original Boots
Count Dooku's Original Robes

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