The Tri-Fighter is an advanced droid Starfighter used by the Separatists, armed with blaster cannons and missiles. In Clone Wars Adventures, it appears in several mini-games such as Republic Defender and Starfighter.

Battle of UmbaraEdit

In Battle of Umbara, it can be seen in certain places, such as the airfield, flying over and firing at Y-Wing starfighters.

Republic DefenderEdit

It appears in Republic Defender, taking two lives, and is introduced in the Cristophsis level, Refugee Rescue and it is recommended to use upgraded Anti-Air Turrets, as it is much tougher to take down than ordinary Vulture droids or STAPs.


In Starfighter, the Tri-Fighter launches missiles that do heavy damage to the fighter, also being the second most difficult enemy to destroy.

Galactic ForcesEdit

For the Confederacy, the Tri-fighter is a rank 2 Comm Tower that bombs enemy units. A player who plays the Separtist Droid Army and uprgrades their Comm tower to rank two can use three Tri-fighters to target four enemies for destruction

Attack CruiserEdit

Tri-Fighters first appears in the final level of Attack Cruiser, Coruscant, being stronger than Vulture Droids. A large number of Tri-Fighters emerge from the boss of the level, the Trade Federation battle ship.

Hasbro Attack ShuttleEdit

Similar to its role in Starfighter, the fighter launches damaging missiles.

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