Echo was a prominent Clone Trooper of the famed Domino Squad and close friend of trooper Fives, who enjoyed memorizing standard army rules and regulations and later became an elite ARC Trooper of the 501st Legion, upon whom two Clone Trooper outfits were based.


Rookie EchoEdit

Rookie Echo 64
As a rookie at the Rishi listening post, Echo was focused on the regulations a clone trooper needs to be successful on a mission. His armor may echo the same dedication in you!

This outfit requires a Jedi Membership to purchase.

  • Clone Trooper Blaster Rifle - RC icon600
  • Rookie Echo's Armor - RC icon800
  • Rookie Echo's Boots - RC icon50
  • Rookie Echo's Gloves - RC icon50
  • Rookie Echo's Helmet - RC icon600

ARC Trooper EchoEdit

ARC Trooper Echo 64
Echo is an ARC Trooper that knows the rules, and uses them to help during the Citadel rescue!
  • ARC Trooper Echo's Armor - SC icon150
  • ARC Trooper Echo's Boots - SC icon50
  • ARC Trooper Echo's Gloves - SC icon50
  • ARC Trooper Echo's Helmet - SC icon100