Emergency Evacuation is a special Republic Defender stage and the third stage of the Mission on Iceberg Three campaign. The player must build turrents to defend the LAAT Gunships, carrying the inhabitants of Iceberg Three, until they can take off, with the new Special ability, Wolfpack.


There is an easy way to beat this level. You will mostly need Ion Cannons, Particle Beams and Grenade launchers. First place Grenade Launchers at the area were the droids enter. You will put Particle Beams everywere else. In between every two Particle Beams you will put one Ion Cannon. You need Particle Beams beacause you they  havea very wide range but because they don't do a lot of damage you need Ion Cannons to slow the enemies down.

Strategy by Gamebrain1.

Throughout the stage, players can see the Gunships taking off overhead.

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