Emissaries are official SOE employees designated to run Community Relations. Ingame Emissary Event, the House Inspector, Emissary Amnerys and others host a wide variety of events that require interacting with players ingame. Emissaries out of the game are in charge of maintaining the game forums, post and record videos on the games youtube channel,post on the CWA Social Media Pages, and interact with the CWA Wiki. Emissaries have their own private squad called Emissary Event's Squad, which is lead by Emissary Event one of the main Emissaries who hosts most of the events ingame. The House Inspector usually hosts House Inspections and sometimes other house related events. Emissary Amnerys takes turns with House Inspector and Emissary Event on hosting events. She also is the Community Manager for Clone Wars Adventures and Community Relations Head. This means she is in charge of making sure the Emissaries and the Counselors (who are also community relations workers in charge of Tech Support) are getting there work done and she makes sure all other CWA Team members are doing their jobs. There are many other Emissaries who are dedicated to running Community Relations in other areas and some who have been transferred to other SOE games. Emissaries can be identified with purple colored player names and they will usually have the prefix of Emissary which can't be used regularly

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