All ranks of the Energy Converter

The Energy Converter is a type of turret in Republic Defender. It is unlocked after completing the stage Defenders of Peace and costs 125 energy to build. It is one of the two turrets that awards the player bonus energy, the other being the Energy Generator.

Rather than dealing damage, the Energy Converter has the unique ability to increase the amount of energy gained from defeated droids within its range. When utilizing them, it is recommended to place several along the path, keeping them somewhat far apart from each other so that you will gain bonus energy from enemy droids no matter where they are defeated. When it comes down to chosing between the Energy Converter and the Energy Generator, both have their advantages and disadvantages. The Energy Generator can be used in large quantities without waste, however, and in most situations is more convenient for gaining extra energy.

Although the amount of bonus energy gained through rank 1 Energy Converters is small and seemingly insignificant, Rank 3 and above Energy Converters can be very useful, giving you the sufficient amount of extra energy to help upgrade your other turrets.

Furniture Edit

Every Republic base needs energy! Now you have access to these impressive converters to support your own creations!
—Store description

On September 9, 2011, full-scale energy converters were released in the form of furniture. There are six different variations of the Energy Converter, each following the color schemes of the ranks. They are also interactive, releasing a blue aura when clicked on, and require a Jedi Membership to purchase.

  • Energy Converter I - RC icon150
  • Energy Converter II - RC icon200
  • Energy Converter III - RC icon250
  • Energy Converter IV - RC icon300
  • Energy Converter V - RC icon450

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