All ranks of the Energy Generator

The Energy Generator is a tower in Republic Defender, that is unlocked after the first level of Mustafar. The Energy Generator is a non-attacking turret that generates small amounts of extra energy every few seconds. The amount of energy given off from it depends on its rank.

The Energy Generator is on of the only two turrets that supplies the player with bonus energy, the other being the Energy Converter. Using multiple Energy Generators is a key strategy to defeating particularly harder stages and achieving high scores. Energy Generators should always be built and upgraded as soon as possible, as the mass amounts of extra energy will help the player in the long run. It is best to place an energy generator in any unoccupied turret slot for the more energy generators you create, the more bonus energy you receive.

The amount of bonus energy given off by an Energy Generator increases with every rank. Creating large clusters of Rank 5 Energy Generators in particular is a great strategy in very difficult stages as they can give the player the sufficient amount of energy to make several powerful rank 5 offensive turrets.

Costs (Republic Defender)Edit

  • Rank 1 = 100
  • Rank 2 = 125
  • Rank 3 = 150
  • Rank 4 = 175
  • Rank 5 = 200


Rank 5 Energy Generator

The Rank 5 Energy Generator

These Energy Generator Turrets will ensure that there will never be a shortage of resources at your disposal!

-Store Description

On October 28, 2011, Energy Generators were introduced in the form of furniture under the name Energy Generator Turrets. There are five different variations of the Energy Generator, each following the color schemes of the ranks. Energy Generators require Station Cash to purchase

  • Energy Generator Turret I - SC icon45
  • Energy Generator Turret II - SC icon50
  • Energy Generator Turret III - SC icon70
  • Energy Generator Turret IV - SC icon75
  • Energy Generator Turret V - SC icon100

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