Event calender
The Event Calender was a function added on September 16, 2011 to Clone Wars Adventures. The event calender is a calender that displays tournaments and events that are being held.


Once every day, a tournament takes place on the event calender. The tournaments change daily and will always consist of a pre-set minigame stage for games like Republic Defender and Attack Cruiser. The players goal is to obtain the highest score possible to reach the top 100 leaderboards. Players who successfully score among the top 100 players in the tournament will receive bonus prizes.


The top 100 scorers will receive bonus prizes including large sums of Republic Credits, Boost Points, and Furniture. The prizes you receive will depend on the type of medal you earn.

  • 50px-ImageScaleCABWZYYIBronze medalists will receive Boost Points and Republic Credits

  • 50px-ImageScaleCA8RIZEQSilver medalists will receive bronze medalist rewards plus free furniture, or Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter (For Starfighter Tournaments)

  • 50px-ImageScaleCARHKK1TGold medalists will receive silver medalist rewards plus a Trophy Box to place in their house

  • 50px-ImageScaleCAATSJRVThe platinum medalist will receive all gold medalist rewards and a new title

Community EventsEdit

On the 10 February 2012 update, Emissary Events were added to the calendar. By clicking on the "Go" button, you are teleported to the event.

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