These experimental weapons somehow got raided from the Republic's R&D Department. Be the first to get your hands on them!
—Official Store Description

This pack includes the Ion Blaster, Plasma Thrower, and Cryo-Cannon. Officially released on the 24 February 2012 update they were available a week earlier, but were organized into a set on the date mentioned previously.

Cryo-Cannon Edit

The Cryo Cannon is a weapon much like the flamethrower, but deals more damage and has blue markings. When fired, it will shoot out an icy chemical, damaging enemies in the area. It also freezes the enemy so they can't move but can still attack. It costs 300 SC.

075 cwa cryocannon main

A clone wielding the Cryo-cannon

Ion Blaster Edit

075 cwa ionblaster main

A clone wielding the Ion Blaster

The Ion Blaster is a pistol, much like Captain Typho's, that when fired, shoots out an Ion beam. It cost SC icon 300.

Plasma Thrower Edit

Player with plasma cannon

A player holding the Plasma Thrower

The Plasma Thrower is a weapon much like the flamethrower, but with purple markings and it deals out more damage. When fired, it shoots out purple plasma at enemies. It costs 300 SC.

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