Felucia Token

Felucia Mission Tokens can be aquired in the Felucia combat zone by completing daily and weekly quests. These tokens can be traded to purchase consumables, gear, or vehicle furniture.


Crimson ProwlerEdit

Crimson Prowler Gear

Crimson Prowler Gear

Boots- 12 tokens

Gloves- 12 tokens

Hood- 24 tokens

Suit- 32 tokens

Lightsaber- 32 tokens

Felucian CommadoEdit

Felucian Commando Gear

Felucia Commando Gear

Boots- 4 tokens

Gloves- 4 tokens

Helmet- 12 tokens

Armor- 20 tokens

Rifle- 20 tokens


Republic VehiclesEdit

Teal Delta-7- 8 tokens

LAAT- 18 tokens

AT-TE- 32 tokens

Separatist VehiclesEdit

IG-227 Hailfire- 16 tokens

Belbullab-22- 10 tokens

AAT- 20 tokens

Technician Workstation- 40 tokensEdit

Consumables (comes in packs of three)Edit

SM Medpack- 4 tokens

SM Force Focus- 4 tokens

SM Field Kit- 6 tokens

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