Use these flat panels to construct a space in your own style, whether it is a grand fort in an open lot or a humble room in your living quarters

- Store Description

The Flat Panel Pack is a series of furniture that can be used to decorate houses. Each flat panel has its own design and all appear as flat slates that can be used as room dividers, wallpaper etc. So far there are three series of the flat panel pack.

Flat Panel Pack IEdit

Furniture in this pack requires Station Cash to purchase.

  • Archive Panel - SC icon 25
    Panel 1

    Series 1

  • Citadel Panel - SC icon 10
  • Corrugated Panel - SC icon 25
  • Light Border Panel - SC icon 25
  • Lightsaber Burn Out Panel - SC icon 10
  • Outer Coruscant Panel - SC icon 10

Flat Panel Pack IIEdit

Furniture in this pack requires a Jedi Membership to purchase.
Panel 2

Series 2

  • Construction Panel - RC icon 200
  • Inner Coruscant Panel - RC icon 250
  • Simple Panel - RC icon 200
  • Square Border Panel - RC icon 250
  • Tiled Panel - RC icon 300

Flat Panels Pack IIIEdit

  • Calming Cerulean Panel - SC icon 10
  • Metallic Marble Infused Panel - SC icon 10
  • Republic Rayshielded Panel - SC icon 10
  • Natural Hardwood Panel - SC icon 10
  • Rugged Bricked Panel - SC icon 10
  • Marble-Patterned Panel - SC icon 10

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