069 cwa fogg main
Tracking and taming this elusive albino Rancor is not for the timid! Only those willing to face down a Rancor will be able to find what they need to locate this mysterious beast!
—Official description

Fogg is a creature Companion and the third Rancor Companion in Clone Wars Adventures. Fogg is a reward for the "Rancor Tracking" collection on Umbara, parts of which can be obtained by defeating the Rancor multiple times on Umbara. Although, the collection piece is only obtained through a random drop from the rancor. It is a smaller version of this Rancor, but the blue markings on its back are more noticeable. After receiving Fogg you will be awarded RC icon 4,000 for completing the collection. Fogg gives the players an Elite Force Up buff in the combat zones.

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