Fort kit

The large amount of furniture that came with this set.

The Giant Fort Construction Kit was a Labor day special bundle pack of Station Cash furniture that was available for purchase for SC icon1000. It was available from September 2–5, 2011 and was created to promote SOE's Back to School Bonanza theme. The Giant Fort Construction Kit special came with large quantities of Station Cash furniture that players were encouraged to use to make a fort.

Included ItemsEdit

  • 540 small standard crates
  • 110 Citadel panels
  • 90 Mustafar wall panels
  • 60 ceiling tiles
  • 24 Jedi pillars
  • 32 Thermal Grenade Turret Vs
  • 14 red spotlights
  • 1 Mustafar door panel
  • 1 Jedi lounge grey banner
  • The quantity of furniture items a player received was doubled. 

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