General Grievous
Species: Kaleesh
Alliance: CIS
Weapons: Blaster pistol, lightsabers
Appearances: Republic Defender, Darkside Duel, Mission on Iceberg Three, Starfighter

General Grievous wielding his stolen Lightsabers.

"I will make you suffer Jedi!" -General Grievous

General Grievous is the Supreme Commander of the Separatist Droid armies during the Clone Wars. His cyborg body gives him the ability to wield four Lightsabers at once, he claimed these Lightsabers from Jedi he had slain during combat. In the Clone Wars Adventures, he makes several appearances, including the level of Ruins and the special Life Day level in Republic Defender, where he neutralizes or destroys turrents.

In the Saga, Mission on Iceberg Three, speaking to Grievous himself can launch the final stage of the campaign. Grievous is the first villain players encounter outside of a mini-game. General Grievous is also available as a player Holoprojector.

Mini-games Edit


Dark Side Duel Edit

General Grievous is a Lightsaber Duel opponent in Dark Side Duel campaign, and though he is not Force Sensetive, he can use all the Force attacks.

Galactic ForcesEdit

In Galactic Forces, he is seen as the Rank 2 command post for the Droid armies, using his multiple Lightsabers to attack one to four units at once.

Republic DefenderEdit

In the 16th level of Republic Defender, Ruins, Grievous appears as a boss. He can destroy turrets, but does not wipe out the slot, unlike the Super Tank.


Grievous in his starfighter on Iceberg Three

Grievous also deflects all attacks made aginst him unless he is distracted by Jedi heroes.

Iceberg ThreeEdit

On Iceberg Three, the last level ends with the player being confronted by Grievous. If the player loses you he/she loses the level. If the player wins, Grievous flees in his starfighter.



A player using the Grievous holoprojector. As you can see, the holoprojector appears with all four arms drawn.

General Grievous HoloprojectorEdit

The General Grievous Holoprojector is an Action that enables players to appear as the droid leader, General Grievous, for a short period of time. It is available for purchase for SC icon 300. If a player attempts to attack, their holoprojector will then growl, stamp, then wave and spin all four of his lightsabers.

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