The Hailfire Droid is a large, rolling tank droid used by the Separatists. It travels on two large rings and fires rockets out its massive rocket launchers. In Clone Wars Adventures, it can be found in Galactic Forces, Republic Defender, Battle of Umbara, and Hasbro Attack Shuttle.
Front hailfire

A Hailfire Tank

Battle of UmbaraEdit

In the Battle of Umbara, the hailfire droid is released by the droid landing ships at both landing zones. It is hard to defeat, having large amounts of health and rockets that do extreme damage, two rockets being often enough to knock out a player.

The hailfire will target one player and use him for his lines of attacks. Any other player caught in the blast radius when the hailfire hits will also be hit. The hailfire can do anywhere between 5,000-10,000 damage, depending on how many of the rockets hits the player.

When fighting a hailfire, you will just need brute force. It is a good idea to have multiple healers, while having the rest dealing as much damage as possible. Another great choice is either force lightning or cryo grenade, to keep the hail fire stunned as much as possible.  A large amount of players will also serve as a good strategy.

A hailfire is a boss enemy, and has a chance of dropping rare components (e.g.: Lightsaber crystals, Platinum Metal Scrap, etc.)

Once a hailfire is defeated, the gates of the drop ship will close, and an orbital strike will destroy the drop ship, giving every player on that Umbara server a X2 credit buff. (Note: It does not apply to mini-games) 

Hasbro Attack ShuttleEdit

In Attack Shuttle, the hailfire tank is the final boss in the hard difficulty. The Hailfire tank is mobile, and often charges the player. The hailfire tank also spins to always shoot at the player. This makes it difficult to defeat the hailfire tank.

The top view of a Hailfire

Galactic ForcesEdit

The hailfire tank is the level two Heavy Armor for the Droid Army. It is preceded by the AAT. The hailfire tank is a

A tank demonstrating it destructive power

fast moving tank that can hit multiple targets with weak missiles. They are weak to other hard hitting tanks. The hailfire tank is very useful against infantry assaults.

Republic DefenderEdit

In Republic Defender, the hailfire tank is a fast tank that is unvieled towards the end of the game. The hailfire tank takes a large amount of damage to destroy. The tank is weak to Turbolaser Batteries and Particle Beam Turrets.

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