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Han Solo

A roguish criminal whose heart of gold helped him rise as a leader in the Rebel Alliance, Han Solo's smuggler outfit is much like the man himself, simple but charming.


Three classic outfits are retiring from the store forever! If you want to wear the gear of Han Solo,Lando Calrissian or Kyle Katarn, you need to act now. Once these outfits are gone they are not coming back!

We are also offering each of these three sets for 50% off their original price if you purchase them before they disappear on Saturday February 5th. Once these outfits are gone, you won’t be able to buy them again!


han Solo

Han Solo along with Kyle Katarn and Lando Calrissian gear became unavailable due to confusement of the time era, gear which replaced them were the Mortis Son gear.


Chewbacca Holoprojector came out after the episode Padawan lost and wookie hunt, players that have purchased the Han Solo gear can now recreate scenes with Han and his companion.

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