"Only those brave enough to complete all Umbaran challenges can become the Hero of Umbara!"

Hero of Umbara is a collection that can be collected by beating challenges on Umbara.

The trophy of Umbara


The challenges are on every location except the CIS Landing Zones. Bunkers Krill, Usk, Grek, Umbaran Airbase mission, and the Ancient Sith Academy have the challenges. The player will be granted one piece by beating all of the challenges of the mission. The challenges are:

  • Blue Shadow Virus (health will be slowly drained away)
  • Endurance (enemies can take more damage then usual)
  • Overpowered (enemy weapons are more powerful and do more damage to the player)

All challenges can be played solo or multiplayer. If the player has completed all the challenges for all missions, they will be granted the title "Hero of Umbara"and the trophy of the Umbaran combat zone. The large trophy features Darth Maul, an Umbaran Tank, and the Sith Academy. Future completions of the collection reward players with 2000 credits.

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