The side view of a Homing Spider Droid

The Homing Spider Droid is a large Separatist walker unit that makes appearances in the games Republic Defender and Galactic Forces. It is tall, grey in color, and stands on four legs.

Galactic ForcesEdit

In Galactic Forces, the Homing Spider Droid is a rank 3 Separatist light armor unit. It has the ability to deal light damage to up to four units per shot. The Homing Spider droid is a great unit to use when the enemy has multiple infantry barracks, for it has an excellent advantage against stronger rank 3 infantry.

Compared to the Tri-Droid the Homing Spider Droid retains its similar slow movement speed, and has much lower stats. But when compared to its Republic counterpart, the AT-PT Grenadier, the Homing Spider Droid has a much faster firing rate and identical damage stats, making it superior in a one on one fight. The Homing Spider Droid preforms best in swarms because this makes up for its rather low damage; however, this can be difficult due to the droid's slow movement speed.

Back veiw of a Homing Spider Droid on Refugee Rescue

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