The Hyena Droid Bomber is a type of airborne droid that is used by the Separatists. It makes appearances in mini-games including Galactic Forces, Republic Defender and Republic Gunship. It is well known for its ability to release several bombs at a time.
A heyens

A bomber dropping a bomb

Republic DefenderEdit

The Hyena Droid Bomber appears as a boss in Republic Defender. It is encountered on the third Mustafar stage, Deception on Mustafar and is the only airborne boss, taking three lives every pass over the end. The Hyena Droid Bomber has an unusually large amount of health, and effective ways to deal significant amounts of damage are Anti Air Turrets or ARC Trooper Bunkers at Rank 3. Once the Hyena Droid Bomber loses approximately three-fourths of its health, it will crash and continue on its grounded state, taking one life for each shot it fires at the end of the path. And if your health is full or more eventually he will glitch and walk the other way still firing and walks back again

Republic GunshipEdit

In Republic Gunship, the Hyena Droid Bomber is one of the most dangerous enemies. They normally mass near the top of the screen in large lines and release multiple waves of bombs.

Hasbro Attack ShuttleEdit

In Hasbro Attack Shuttle, Hyena bombers perform actions very similar to those seen in Republic Gunship, launching multiple bombs or missiles at once.

A Hyena Bomber

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