Iceberg Three

Iceberg Three is a large arctic comet in the Calamari System where the campaign Mission on Iceberg Three takes place. Iceberg Three can only be reached by using the LAAT Gunship in the hangar area, or by speaking to Commander Wolffe in the Main Hall.


Iceberg Three appears as a Republic battleground with several life-sized, Saber Tanks, several clone troopers, civilian houses, an AT-TE Cannoneer, and a large Republic HQ in the background. The terrain is overall ice covered, with many large rock formations present. After the Starfighter stage or by completing the Saga of Mission on Iceberg Three, players are free to wander around the frozen landscape of the planet. In one area, the joke troopers from the hanger, Sergeant Joker and Corporal Spanner can be found. Several Republic Star Destoryers can be seen periodically flying overhead.




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