All ranks of the Ion Cannon

The Ion Cannon is a turret in the minigame Republic Defender. It is unlocked after completing the second level of Christophsis. It costs 150 energy to make.

The Ion Cannon's is the first shield damaging turret that is possible to unlock in the game. Unlike other turrets, the Ion Cannon can deal heavy amounts of damage to the shields of Droidekas and Mobile Shield Generators. It is a wise idea to place these turrets near the front lines to do away with the shields of enemies as quickly as possible so that stronger turrets have the chance to defeat them when in their vulnerable state. The Ion Cannon also has the ability to stun unshielded enemies for a very short amount of time. Although this is a very effective turret for depleting shields it has a somewhat low range and very slow firing rate. This turret is outmatched by the Ion Repeater in every way except for energy cost.

Costs (Republic Defender)Edit

  • Rank 2 - 225
  • Rank 3 - (specification needed)
  • Rank 4 - 600
  • Rank 5 - (specification needed)


Battle Droids beware! These ion cannons will stop them in their tracks

On September 16, 2011, full-scale ion cannons were introduced in the form of furniture. There are six different variations of the ion cannon turret, each following the color schemes of the ranks. They are also interactive, releasing purple EMP blasts when clicked on, and require Station Cash to purchase.

  • Ion Cannon Turret I - SC icon45
  • Ion Cannon Turret II - SC icon50
  • Ion Cannon Turret III - SC icon70
  • Ion Cannon Turret IV - SC icon75
  • Ion Cannon Turret V - SC icon100

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