The Jedi Champion Gear is a set that players can only receive by unlocking all the levels of the Jedi battle class.

Players will start of as the rank Initiate. Once they complete the Initiate levels, they recieve the Jedi Champion Boots. When players complete the Padawan levels, they will recieve the Jedi Champion Gloves. After the Adept levels are completed, players will recieve the Jedi Champion Hood. After the General levels are completed, they will earn the Jedi Champion Reverse Lightsaber. The default color is green. Once players receive the Jedi Champion Reverse Lightsaber, they  unlock the Unstable Tapered Beam Crystal. After they complete the Knight levels, players will be ranked up to Jedi Master and will recieve the Jedi Champion Robe. Note: As players rank up, it will become harder to gain XP points.

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