Decorate your own space with these banner and furniture pieces, taken from the luxurious Jedi Lounge

-Store Description

The Jedi Temple Lounge set is a furniture set that was released on July 29, 2011. Items in this furniture set are similar to the ones seen in the Jedi Temple Lounge and includes several banners, chairs, and tables. The set can be bought with Station Cash.


  • Armchair - SC icon 50
  • Cafeteria Table - SC icon 50
  • Chair - SC icon 75
  • Couch - SC icon 75
  • Game Table - SC icon 100
  • Gold Banner - SC icon 50
  • Grey Banner - SC icon 50
  • Light Sconce - SC icon 25
  • Orange Banner - SC icon 50
  • Red Banner - SC icon 50

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