A customized version of the original Phase I clone armor, this is clone Commander Jet's suit and specially designed helmet which he modified for the Second Batle of Geonosis' ''- Promotional description

Commander Jet is a clone trooper Commander who appeared in the Clone Wars episode "Landing on Point Rain", and his outfit set that was released alongside the launch of Clone Wars Adventures, . The outfit set appears as brown and yellow marked special operations clone trooper armor with a similarly colored kama and pauldron. He can also be found on Coruscant in the War Room, where he will give you a new quest. In the quest, you must defeat a Super Tank. After defeating the tank you will earn Republic Credits and a new ability. Complete another quest given by Yoda to earn the "Weapon Master" title.

Outfit Edit

Commander Jet Edit

This outfit set requires Station Cash to purchase.


Commander Jet's Armor
SC icon 150


Commander Jet's Boots
SC icon 50


Commander Jet's Gloves
SC icon 50


Commander Jet's Helmet
SC icon 100

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