Kamino Construction Set

Furniture from the Kamino Construction Set

These construction pieces utilize the unique curved architecture of Kamino, allowing you to create stylish and intriguing structures of your own.

-Store Description

The Kamino Construction Set is a furniture set that was released on September 9, 2011. It was created specially for the release of the Kamino Lot and consists of basic housing construction materials, primarily curved walls and canisters, that are Kamino themed.


All items in the Kamino Construction Set require Station Cash to purchase

  • Large Canister - SC icon 8
  • Medium Canister - SC icon 4
  • Small Canister - SC icon 2
  • Ceiling Panel - SC icon 5
  • Curved Door Wall - SC icon 10
  • Floor Panel - SC icon 5
  • Double Tower - SC icon 50
  • Tower Antenna - SC icon 50
  • Curved Wall - SC icon 10
  • Curved Window Wall - SC icon 10

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